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What Can We Do For You Now?

What We Can Do For You!

1. Over 30 years experience;

2. Many cases resolved successfully for many millions of dollars to our clients;

3. Very high client satisfaction ratio. Most cases referred to us by former clients;

4. You can call us anytime for assistance;

5. We make house, hospital or work call/visits for your convenience;

6. We can furnish rental cars immediately for our clients, without waiting;

7. Immediate medical care with no up-front expense in your local area;

8. Personal contact very important:

     a. Speak with an experienced attorney now!

     b. Can speak to an attorney at anytime. We have 24-hour live answering service. We prefer personal contact and are ready to receive your calls;

     c. Personal Consultation - After initial screening. If you have a type of case that we handle, we can arrange a convenient office appointment to meet the Attorney or Attorneys. Face-to-face meetings are available and encouraged;

     d. Litigation Department - We have a very distinguished trial attorney team headed by Mr. Gary L. Chambers, Esq. of counsel, who is available for meetings regarding trial cases.