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Road Hazards


California Road Hazard Injury Lawyer

Every year, road hazards cause thousands of accidents in California. A pot hole, poorly marked construction zone, misleading road signage or other hazards can cause a serious mishap. Emergency and road construction vehicles that are stopping on or entering a thoroughfare can also cause accidents.

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury in such an accident, you have the right to claim compensation from the appropriate governmental authority. But you have only a short time to file your claim.

The Law Offices of R. Steven Peters, Inc., has extensive experience in road hazard injury cases. We are strong advocates who are determined to succeed in such cases. We will work to obtain all the compensation you deserve.

Contact us for a free consultation. We want to help you get the help you need.

Statute of Limitations in Cases of Government Liability

If the accident was the result of negligence on the part of the state, the county or a municipality, you have only six months from the date of the accident to file a claim.

Call our firm at 1-800-559-9925 or 1-800-515-4LAW as soon as possible. We will investigate your case and, if it has merit, will act immediately to preserve your ability to claim compensation.

Building the Case for Compensation

The Law Offices of R. Steven Peters, Inc., has successfully handled thousands of cases involving road hazard injuries, car accidents, truck accidents and other acts of negligence.

Our accident investigators will make a first-hand inspection of the accident site. We will document what happened, how it happened and assign liability where it belongs. Our attorneys will perform a complete analysis of your financial losses and pain and suffering.

Aggressive Attorneys Who Will Fight for You

The Law Offices of R. Steven Peters, Inc., will do everything we can to help you receive maximum compensation for your accident. If you need medical care, we can direct you to a doctor. We can help you get a rental car. Our firm will stand by you throughout the entire legal process.

After a road hazard injury, you may have a long recovery process. The Law Offices of R. Steven Peters, Inc., will be with you all the way.

Free Consultation ● Call Us Today

If you have suffered a road hazard injury, contact us immediately for a free consultation and help with your claim. We serve clients in San Bernardino County, Riverside County, Orange County and elsewhere throughout California.

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Phones answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can also visit clients at the hospital or in their homes when that is most convenient for them.

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